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How does The Matterhorn compare to the competition?

The Matterhorn pillow was designed to surpass the quality and performance of every cooling pillow on the market today. The temperature regulating technology we use, KulKote, actually works!

Gel foams, cooling fabrics, and gel coatings don't work. Most "cooling pillows", only have an initial cooling feel and then quickly heat up. Our temperature regulating technology, KulKote, allows for airflow and transfers heat away from the surface of the pillow keeping you, the sleeper, at a comfortable temperature all night long for a better sleep and more refreshed morning. 


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So, why Legend Sleep?

  • Transparency - You know exactly what your pillow is made of. No fillers, no proprietary materials.
  • Materials - Legend Sleep talalay latex is one of the highest quality sleep materials on the market. Made in the USA. No off-gassing, No sinking feeling, environmentally friendly. 
  • Comfort - Balanced support and feel.
  • Warranty - 4 years to protect against any defect.
  • Free Shipping - No extra hidden fees.
  • Customer Service - We are available 7-days a week to answer all of your questions. Email us, chat us, or call us.


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