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What is it composed of?

There are three layers of Legend Sleep talalay latex foam, a fabric cover, FR barrier, and a specialty water-based adhesive.

  • Foam
    • High-quality 100% Talalay latex foam (3” comfort, 3” pressure relieving, and 6” support layers)
  • Cover
    • The cover is made from durable and washable soft polyester. It has an easily accessible zipper for removal and washing.
  • Adhesive
    • Environmentally friendly, SIMALFA, water-based adhesive.

Each layer of foam has a uniquely engineered density and thickness that combine to form a mattress worth sleeping on. The cover incorporates an adaptive technology which will help maintain a dry and temperature regulated sleep surface. To leave no detail unturned, we also worked extensively with the leader in water-based adhesives, SIMALFA, to incorporate their product which performs to the highest standards.


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